Funny thing about how some people view life now. they think they have all their problems out in the open. It's never the ones you see that are the worst, it's the ones you never see are the most horrid. Check the news boss see for yourself..

  1.  Family found in home bodies nearly devoured by unknown creature. Remains disposed of Investigation ongoing…. 5 months ago..
  2. Son of local gang found on street alive but skin removed in gruesome fashion. Died of injuries on way to a hospital. 4 months 3 days ago
  3.  Multiple families offering reward for missing children or information leading to whereabouts. 3 months ago
  4. Be on the lookout for suspects assaulting random passers near Redmond and 79th street. target does not seem to care about gender or even time of day… 2 months 16 days 
  5. Random car detonates in transit leaving Redmond owner and wife died on scene before DocWagon could arrive.. 1 month 2 days ago
  6. Local claims he saw someone eat at Santiagos Burrito's, Chalupa's, and More without either vomiting or crapping himself.. 2 weeks ago

Probably should nix that last one… that could not of come true. I've seen that rathole.. but check this..

This just in.. Local after returning home from a drunken mixer claims had gotten lost. Was led home by a friendly glowing ghoul. Was checked in for medical examination no results as of yet.

Things are getting a bit weirder every day. Some people chose to ignore some just go with it, some are not happy with the results. Keep your eyes and ears open, Creds are just around the corner.

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