Getting the Finger

It was after closing time at Chapis the lights were off and Beans was already on a bus towards home. Tania and a few friends had decided to stay late and try some new ideas for different menu items. The group slowly meandered towards an old VW bus just at the corner.

"I swear Tee I don't know why you  are still in this dump. You could definatly have your own place" said Violet, her hair giving away her name. She had ben probably Tania's oldent friend since she came to Seattle a year ago.

"I dunno really I guess I like the ambiance here?.. Also I can't really leave at the time really. You know.. whole family things. Sorry I gotta bum a ride my bike is not fixed yet" she looked to the tallest of the three.

"It no biggie I got a free meal outta it" Essa chipred "It's good to be back in Seattle, to much fun under the sun and waves 30 high can be..wait.. why did I come back..?" She let out a laugh looking over her shoulder, her darkened skin a good contrast to her light elven hair.

The laughter stopped as an ominous feeling crept over the small group, Tania let out a sigh. Last time she felt like this that thing came from no where and . well.. licked her. Seems it was following her home, who the hell do you call to exterminate that?

She turned in place where it would normally pop up behind her, but something was wrong. The creature was tall and skinny, it elbowed her as it pushed past jamming one of it's long bony knifelike fingers into Violet's back. She let out a short scream before falling over clutching the wound as it turned and jammed those same fingers into Essa. The sight of the injury seemed to only excite it more it turned to the final member of the group.

"Dev.. make sure it dosen't want to come back and tend to those wounded when you'r finished" a voice came from the other side of the VW, as a man in black stepped out and raised his left hand. A crackling spear of energy rushed across the open air striking the creature dead center, its form broke apart under the force of the bolt.

"Dev.." an elven woman looked around from the edge of the van "I thought we decided on only a warning shot or something to make it run"

"It's been suffeciently warned ma'am" Dev put his arm down and moved quickly to those that were injured.




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